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TechHire is a national network of communities, educators and employers working together to introduce or expand tech training options, transform hiring practices and build inclusive tech communities. 



We can help you find top talent. The TechHire Maine staff recruits and trains individuals across the state with an interest and aptitude for IT and computing. This diverse group of individuals is pursuing careers in computer programming, database design and administration, network administration, IT support, and more. Share your open roles with us, and we’ll help connect you to top talent (at no cost).

We can connect your employees with training opportunities. Our staff has deep knowledge in the latest IT training courses and platforms and we’re invested in helping everyone - including people already in the field - expand their skill sets. The TechHire grant also provides funds for companies who wish to upskill their current workforce. Ask us how you can participate! READ OUR FAQs HERE.

We can connect you to graduating students and help you build your talent pipeline through internship programs. Educate Maine staff not only works with TechHire participants and employers, but we have strong relationships with colleges across the state that provide computer science and IT degree programs. Join us for a campus networking reception and meet your next great employee, or ask us how you can be better connected to Maine’s college campuses! Additionally, Educate Maine has partnered with several companies to support internship programming and can provide best practices to employers wishing to launch or improve their own internship programs.

You care about being a part of a community in Maine that grows and retains tech talent. Your feedback on what skills you need, which credentials are most important, and how you’re looking to grow are a huge help in our statewide efforts to grow talent to meet business demand. Big employers, small employers, wherever you are in hiring and growth - you can be a part of TechHire. Even if you’re not in a place where you’re hiring or taking on interns, we welcome volunteers to provide informational interviews, job shadows, provide feedback on application materials, host events, and more - everything helps!

Employer testimonialS

"The TechHire initiative has given athenahealth an opportunity to interact with students interested in technology as a field across the state. The program helped support the creation of entry-level internship experience through the connection to interested participants.  The program leadership has requested continued feedback on curriculum and areas of focus, which is a great sign that they are engaged on training workers in the skills needed by employers."

Carrie Murphy, Manager Recruiting

"I really want to thank TechHire, not only for resources that assist my startup company, but for opening up new pathways to connect with talent. What you're doing to train and keep young people in Maine is what we're all about."

Matt James, Head of Product



Maine has been designated a TechHire Community because these ten key Maine employers embraced the idea from the very start that valuable tech employees don’t necessarily come through the traditional route of a computer science degree in college. They pledged to recruit and hire candidates based on their demonstrated technology skills regardless of where they gained them.

  • athenahealth
  • Axiom Technologies
  • Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
  • IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
  • The Jackson Laboratory
  • Kepware
  • Maine Health
  • Maine Medical Center
  • State of Maine Office of Information Technology
  • Tyler Technologies, Inc.
  • WEX


  • CashStar
  • Dream Local Digital
  • LL Bean
  • CGI Group
  • Geiger Bros.
  • Canyon Networks
  • Bangor Savings Bank
  • NorState Federal Credit Union
  • MMG Insurance
  • Cianbro
  • Blue Ox Technologies
  • Sierra Communications
  • Winxnet
  • Aroostook Technologies
  • Maine Technology Group
  • Systems Engineering
  • Covenant Health Systems
  • United Way of Greater Portland
  • Cary Medical Center
  • ProInfoNet
  • HealthConnect Networks
  • NBT Solutions
  • Norway Savings Bank
  • Starfruit Solutions
  • Saco Design
  • Otelco
  • Unlimited Technology, formerly known as Capitol Computers
  • CourseStorm


If you’d like to be considered a TechHire Employer, please reach out to the TechHire Employer Liaison in your region. There are no costs to get involved, and employers can choose a variety of ways to formalize the partnership. TechHire is purposefully flexible in order to accommodate a large, diverse network of partners.

If you are based in Southern/Western Maine: reach out to to set up a time to talk about how you would like to be involved.

If you are based in Northern/Eastern Maine: reach out to

If you aren’t sure - email either or both of us! We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you more.