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The TechHire Initiative, launched by President Obama in March of 2015, is a multi-sector effort to empower Americans with the skills they need, through universities and community colleges as well as non-traditional paths to technology training.

In August of 2015, Educate Maine’s Project>Login program received a TechHire Community designation from the White House on behalf of the program’s extensive network of Maine employers, educators, and workforce colleagues. Project>Login is now one of 71 TechHire Communities across the U.S.

How TechHire works

How do people get here?

Candidates come to TechHire Maine through several avenues:

What’s required to participate?

We look for two key factors in deciding if an applicant is eligible for the program:

  • an interest in computers and other technical fields;
  • a core competency in the skills needed to perform coding or IT services.

Candidates undergo assessments and a thorough intake process. A Program Navigator will help you get started in the right Track, and get you into the program most appropriate for you.

What’s the process?

You’ll take one of three tracks, based on your initial assessment and progress through the program:

TRACK 3: Comprehensive Training

This track is perfect for youth with no work history, anyone needing English-language help, or those with other barriers. We’ll help you achieve no matter where you start, through Adult Ed, on-the-job training or other resources. Once you achieve core competencies and get the help you need with any barriers, you’ll graduate to Track 2.

TRACK 2: Bootcamp

If you’ve already completed track 3, or have some computer skills from the start, this 12-14 week intensive “bootcamp” may be for you. We’ll offer a combination of online and in-person teaching, hands-on projects and plenty of support!

TRACK 1: Rapid Employment

If you have core competency in computers, but need a certain credential or specific skill, we’ll get you work-ready quickly through career coaching, online courses like, internships and on-the-job training. This track is also the last step if you start with Track 2 or 3.

How can I participate?

If you’re a job-seeker, we’ll discuss your current situation and skills, and set up an assessment. Call one of the navigators today! 

If you’re a Maine employer, we’ll explain how you can support TechHire and find qualified IT/computing staff. Employers please call 207-347-8638.

The Beginnings of TechHire Maine

TechHire Maine was introduced at an event on August 26 featuring Senator Angus King as keynote speaker and representatives of 11 Maine-based employers that had committed to recruiting and hiring qualified candidates, regardless of where they obtained their knowledge and experience:

  • Athena Health
  • Axiom Technologies
  • Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
  • IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
  • The Jackson Laboratory
  • Kepware
  • Maine Health
  • Maine Medical Center
  • State of Maine Office of Information Technology
  • Tyler Technologies, Inc.
  • WEX

They were joined by five individuals who followed non-traditional pathways to rewarding careers in digital technology. One example was Laurie Marcotte, 42, who joined IDEXX Laboratories as an administrative assistant and was identified as having an affinity for computer work. Over the next decade, she worked her way from an analyst position to Supervisor to her current position as an IT Senior Project Manager.