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Maine has lots of good jobs in IT and computing, and lots of smart kids and adults capable of doing the work. Project>Login is all about bringing them together.

A program of Educate Maine, Project>Login is the state’s leading resource for anyone interested in the computing and IT field.

Parents of younger students: We offer online resources to encourage your child’s curiosity about computers, smart phones and tablets, the apps that make them work, plus robotics, numbers and systems. And you can learn about the school curricula available in the required skills, especially math, technical language, problem-solving and analysis.

High School Students: Maine high schools and institutions of higher education now offer all the courses and programs needed to help you get hired and succeed in a computer tech job.

College students: There are dozens of businesses that want to help you get the education and training you need to work for them. Many offer paid internships, which are a great way to try out a career path.

Educators: Check out resources to make your classroom a nurturing place for tech-minded kids!

Employers: Make sure your computing and IT internships are listed and learn how you can get involved directly in fostering educational opportunities for your future workforce!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our partners who made Project>Login happen. Who knows—you may end up working for one of them down the road!

Meet Our Project>Login Team:

Angela Oechslie
Angela Oechslie, Program Director, Project>Login
Angela Oechslie

Angela brings a wealth of workforce experience to her role with the Project>Login. Through partnership and collaboration, she leads the program to meet the needs of both students and employers. She was a Workforce Development Specialist at Eastern Maine Development Corporation and Workforce Coordinator at the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board and has worked on several jobs-related federal grant programs. She is past chair of Building Bridges, a business and education partnership through the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Bangor Region Leadership Institute, class of 2018. She is passionate about matching students and adults with educational programs and quality job opportunities in Maine. Angela earned her BS in Business Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta and a Master of Science in Organizational Communication from MSU. 

Olivia Chapman
Olivia Chapman, Business Development & Market Research Intern
Olivia Chapman

Olivia Chapman is a recent college grad with experience in researching, community organizing and event planning. Motivated by this work during undergrad, Olivia aspires to pursue a career in market research within the education sector which led her to Educate Maine, where she works supporting Project>Login and Maine Career Catalyst to expand the programs' reach. She enjoys reading and dancing and looks forward to exploring Maine while here for the summer.