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Project>Login exists to connect learners, teachers, parents, and employers to computer science education, support, and resources. 

Along with Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, we are Maine's regional partners for to provide teacher professional development and computer science training to Maine's K-12 teachers. A program of Educate Maine, Project>Login is the state’s leading resource for anyone interested in exploring computer science pathways. We work with schools, Maine companies with tech jobs, and a variety of programs to connect Mainers today with careers for the future in computing and IT. Our focus begins with expanding K-12 Computer Science Education in Maine. The goal for all Maine kids to have access to quality CS education is a big one and one we hope to accomplish through our policy and advocacy work. 

We are committed to enhancing the broader CS education community. We are committed to CSforAll because we believe every Maine student should have access to computer science education. Join us by pledging your support at CS4Maine.

Our Pledge: Educate Maine and Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance (MMSA) will provide professional development and ongoing support to 90 new K-8 Maine teachers to implement computer science in their classrooms and schools by 2019.

2019-2020 Commitment: Project>Login, a program of Educate Maine, will host two regional SCRIPT workshops in partnership with CSforLPS which will include a total of 12 districts in geographically and demographically diverse locations in Maine.

2020-2021 Commitment: Project>Login will train 45 middle and high school teachers and provide support as they implement computer science in their classrooms and schools.

2021-2022 Commitment: Project>Login support the launch and expansion of 10-15 new Girls Who Code clubs across five regions of Maine, impacting approximately 2,300 students. We will also continue working with rural, underserved districts to develop K12 CS pathway plans by leading CSforALL 2-day SCRIPT visioning, goal-setting and planning workshops.


We make it easy for parents, students and others to explore good jobs in computing and IT available right now, right here in Maine. Employers can work with Project>Login staff to promote opportunities for computing and IT internships. Educators can check their curriculum for alignment with the available jobs. A shortage in tech jobs in Maine is an opportunity to get young people interested in learning the skills necessary to fill the gaps. CSforAll addresses the lack of skilled workers by attracting and training young people in computer science for technology careers in the future.


Computer Science is a basic and necessary foundational literacy, like reading or math, and Project>Login believes every Maine child has a right to basic computer science literacy. Project>Login staff engage in advocacy and direct work with schools in all 16 counties to ensure that every Maine student has access to computer science, and acquires the skills necessary for the tech jobs of the future. We sponsor hands-on digital festivals, high-quality teacher professional development programs, and community-building events specifically to reach rural and urban schools and more girls and young women.


There are many ways to get ready for IT and computing jobs: college, internships, training programs and more. Many Maine businesses support the education and training required to work for them with internships, often paid—a great way to try out a career path. Project>Login helps facilitate more than 175 internships each year, many through campus networking receptions we host with employers, faculty, and students at Maine’s higher education institutions.


Along with Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance, we are the Regional Partner for Maine, providing high-quality computer science professional development for teachers of grades K-12. In 2017-18, we supported the implementation of computer science by more than 30 teachers at 25 middle and high schools in Maine. Learn more about our work here.