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Help us expand Computer Science Education in Maine!

Educate Maine & the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance are Maine's only regional partners, offering a variety of programs to support teachers and students in order to expand access to computer science in K-12 schools. Together our organizations provide high-quality computer science professional development to educators in Maine through local district partnerships and by building a positive local computer science educator community.

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Coming soon - 2024-2025 is our next cohort of computer science (CS) teachers for our professional learning program and Summer Institute. offers curricula and training that are designed to prepare educators to provide high-quality instruction in computer science, even for teachers who have never taken a CS course before. Click here for a PDF with more information about each of the levels of PD available.

Questions? Contact Shelby Bryant, Additional PD resources can be found here.

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K-5 Educators 

Middle School Educators

High School Educators

PK-12 pathway planning for districts

Equity in CS

State of Computer Science Education in Maine

Participant Testimonials

“This course has been one of the most transformative professional development experiences I have ever had. I now see how computer science can be used to develop skills like problem solving and collaboration in all students, as well as a vehicle for kids to access future career opportunities.”

“’s CS Discoveries summer professional development is everything that professional development should be: engaging, collaborative, practical and fun.”

“Whether you have computer science experience or not, you can make a difference for your students.'s Computer Science professional development will provide you with all the tools and knowledge to create a classroom community that will thoroughly enjoy learning essential CS skills. All children deserve a quality CS experience.”

“This course was so informative. I not only learned about the curriculum, I also learned ways to adjust my practice to foster community and student engagement in my classroom.”

“I went from a person who knew nothing about computer programming to a person who can be a lead learner! Extremely supportive learning environment.”

“Computer Science Discoveries has been one of the most intellectually and professionally stimulating experiences of my life. I am looking forward to diving into the ‘lead learner’ of computer science role at my school!”

This was incredible. I came in feeling anxious about teaching CS for the first time, and I'm leaving feeling confident that I can do this. All the information and strategies will help so much. It was fun and informative.”