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Launching Fall 2020


The Project>Login podcast will feature Mainers working in technology jobs across the state. It is meant to be a career-exploration tool and will follow an informational interview format. Folks from across Maine will be featured from CIOs to software developers to business analysts and more!


  1. Expose listeners to various technology jobs at Maine companies by people who do the work.
  2. Raise awareness of education & training pathways into those careers.
  3. Raise aspirations of young Mainers to pursue high-wage, in-demand tech careers.


The first episode was recorded on Sept. 15 and will be released on Oct. 5. New episodes will be released approximately every week. You can listen here or on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find podcasts.



1. Barry Driscoll - CIO - WEX

clarifying correction note: For the full year, 2019 WEX revenue was $1.72 billion.

2. Josh Karstens - Director, Consultant Delivery - CGI

3. Katy Desjardins - IT Project Manager - Summit Utilities, Inc.