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LaunchED Fall 2020


The Project>Login podcast features Mainers working in technology jobs across the state. It is meant to be a career-exploration tool and will follow an informational interview format. Folks from across Maine are featured, from CIOs to software developers to business analysts and more!


  1. Expose listeners to various technology jobs at Maine companies by people who do the work.
  2. Raise awareness of education & training pathways into those careers.
  3. Raise aspirations of young Mainers to pursue high-wage, in-demand tech careers.


The first episode was released on Oct. 5. New episodes are released approximately every week. You can listen here or on Simplecast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find podcasts.


64. Youth Apprenticeship Week: Hannah Greene, Educate Maine & Angela Baker, Safal Partners

63. Husson University Students: Hayden, Jacob and Edward.

62. Michelle DeBlois, CEO, ReMo

61. Ashley Drexler, Software Engineer II, FieldStack

60. Trevor Gionet, Officer, Omnic.Ai

59. Ashley Wiles, Technology Compliance Analyst, Systems Engineering

58. Anthony DeBery, COO, Garrand

57. Data Science Career Exploration (Jacob Sagrans, Rachel Carpenter, WEX, Sean Turner, IDEXX)

56. Kym Bryant, Computer Science Teacher, Spruce Mountain

55. Shelby Bryant, Project>Login Program Specialist, and Reilly Moncrief, Project>Login Outreach and Communications Intern

54. Abby Grindle, Software Support Specialist, Tyler Technologies

53. Aidan, Jeff & Helen, co-founders and COO, ReachMyTeach

52. Benny Boas - CEO & Founder, Upright Education

51. Matt Jones - Software Engineering Manager at Tyler Technologies & director of the Maine App Challenge

50. Dylan Bulmer - Software Engineer - Foster Center for Student Innovation (UMaine) & TrustedRentr

49. Erin Bond, Software Engineer, Mentor Collective 

48. Jacob Bazinet, Consultant, NYC Banking Sector, CGI

47. Ackeem Evans and Jermaine Hartsfield, Co-Founders of Election Bridge 

46. Tyler Smith, Front-End Developer at Sephone 

45. Nick Havas, XR Artist at Standard Magic 

44. Kemal Turksonmez, Full Stack Software Developer at High Byte

43. Alan Jamieson, Professor of Computer Science, Roux Institute

42. Caroline Dennis, Disruptive Industry Agent, Career Coolhunter

41. Sara Strasner, Software Engineer 1, Olive AI

40. Lindsay Ouellette, Content Marketing Manager, Links Web Design

RECAST: Michael Cato, Senior Vice President & CIO, Bowdoin College

39. Hannah Walden, Curriculum Lead,

38. Aiden Threadgoode (he/him), Front-End Software Engineer, KeHE Distributors, LLC.

37. Ben Grooms, Information Security Specialist, University of Maine System

36. Kathy Crise, Computer Technology Instructor, Eastern Maine Community College

35. David Reed, Regional Supervisor, IT Field Services Department, MaineHealth

34. Frank Barton, IT Systems & InfoSec Administrator, Husson University

33. Scott Valcourt, Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science at The Roux Institute


32. Daeghan Elkin, Software Developer at Tyler Technologies 

31. Stacy Doore, Ph.D, Associate Professor in Computer Science, Colby College 

30. Barbara-Jean Archibald, Emergency Communications Specialist Systems Administrator, ME Dept. of Public Safety 

RECAST: Jennifer Fortier, Kepware

29. Todd Chamberlain, Director, IT Contract Services at Pro Search, Inc. 

28. Nate Jalbert, Cybersecurity Instructor at PATHS

27. Shanna Utgard, Success Manager- Defendify 

26. Alicia Biggs, Computer Science Coordinator - Lewiston Public Schools

25. Steve Johnson, Sr. Network Administrator- Technology Solutions of Maine

24. Sarah Irish, Technology Integrationist - Lewiston Middle School

23. Joe Sanderson, intern - Project>Login

22. Lillie Lavado, founder - HardScrabble Solutions

21. Emma-Marie Banks, Digital Learning & Computer Science Specialist - MDOE

20. Jennifer Fortier, Automation Engineer Specialist at PTC - Kepware

19. Charis Loveland, Business Development Manager at Amazon

18. Elissa (Lis) Tracey, Manager IT Services, at Tilson

17. Liz Riley, the COO, and Alex Swetz, a Managed Services Engineer at Logically

16. Thomas Gagnon, Manager, Banking Core Technology at Bangor Savings Bank 

15. Pamela Perkins, Senior Manager, Administrative Coaching, athenahealth

14. Michael Cato, CIO, Bowdoin College

13. Jen Hughes, Employee Success Manager, Systems Engineering 

12. Ken Grady, Chief Information Officer, IDEXX Laboratories

11. Jeffrey Jordan, Director, Enterprise Data Services, State of Maine Office of Information Technology (OIT)

10. Dani McAvoy LaMarca, Software Engineer,

9. Laura Gurney Ph.D., Assistant Professor Integrated Technology, Husson University 

8. Carli Carter-Software Engineer-Tyler Technologies 

7. Jessica Luttrell-Operations Excellence Engineer II-IDEXX

6. Charles Lever - IT & Marketing Manager - Bangor Housing

5. Leah Dorman- Identity Access Management Engineer -Harvard Medical School

4. Bill Pierce - CIO - The Jackson Laboratory

3. Katy Desjardins - IT Project Manager - Summit Utilities, Inc.

2. Josh Karstens - Director, Consultant Delivery - CGI

1. Barry Driscoll - CIO - WEX

clarifying correction note: For the full year, 2019 WEX revenue was $1.72 billion.