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More and more people are succeeding in IT and computing careers right here in Maine.
Read about what they do, what excites them in their work, their varied pathways to success,
and why they’ve chosen to work in Maine. Chances are, you’ll find one of them to be a lot like you!

Meet Ashley Wiles
Technology Compliance Analyst
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Meet James West
Junior Product Manager at H.H.Brown Shoe Co.
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Meet Carli Carter
Software Engineering Team Lead at Tyler Technologies
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Meet Ben Grooms
Information Security Specialist at the University of Maine System office
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Meet Bridget Stuart
Cybersecurity IAM Analyst at Guidepoint Security
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Meet Zachary Coulombe
Senior Programmer/Analyst for the Maine State Legislature
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Meet Tyler Smith
Web Development at Sephone
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Meet Lindsay Ouellette
Content Marketing Associate with High Level Marketing
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Meet Marcus McIntyre
Software Engineer at Wex Inc.
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Meet Abby Grindle
Software Support Specialist
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