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This page will focus on educator-reviewed resources for remote learning and distance education technical support. A GitHub version of this repository is here.

Resource List -Updated 6/22/2023

New Resource from Jobs from the Future: Computer Science Careers: Preparing High School Students for Success


AI in the Classroom - Disruptor or Superpower? -A  free webinar from UMaine's New Media Dept.

Google for Education - resources for teachers to use everyday.

stem next - engineering mindset toolkit

Digitunity - Digitunity’s mission is to ensure everyone has the technology needed to thrive in a digitally-connected society.

She can STEM. - No matter what you want to do with STEM, resources from partners can help you get started. Whether you’re looking for an online class or an in-person workshop, She can STEM has got something for you.

Reviewed and recommended by Angela Oechslie, Program Director, Project>Login

MoodleBox - A Moodle Platform on a Raspberry Pi. A little or no-cost option used to enhance online learning and teaching.

Reviewed and recommended by Eric Eisaman, Edward Little High School Computer Science - A free, collaborative, in-browser IDE to code in 50+ languages and has features for all skill levels.
Reviewed and recommended by Fredric Gluck, Sanford Regional Technical Center Computer & Networking Technology Program
Classcraft - Complete learning management system, fees for a license for schools or districts. Teachers create more meaningful classrooms.
Reviewed and recommended by Brian Laich, RSU57, Massabesic 
FRAME - A VR meeting and presentation tool. Instead of making slides in a normal deck, you make 3D scenes in Frame. Then you meet inside your Frame with others to present, chat, or connect.
Reviewed and recommended by Eric Eisaman, Edward Little High School Computer Science
Blackbird School - A blended, turnkey platform for teaching text-based code to middle school and beyond.
Reviewed and recommended by Robert Vinatieri
SeeSaw for Schools -
Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom. Seesaw gives students a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology.
Reviewed and recommended by Amy Tyler
iRobot Education's socially-distant and remote robotics lessons.
Reviewed and recommended by Angela Oechslie.
Freckle for Education - A differentiation platform makes it easy for teachers to reach each student at their own individual level
Reviewed and recommended by Amy Tyler CS Discoveries-Excellent curriculum for Grades 6-10 for teachers just beginning to teach CS.
Reviewed and recommended by Sean Wasson 
CodeCombat - game development Hour of Code activity by Amazon educate
Reviewed and Recommended by Alicia Biggs, CSforLPS Coordinator, Lewiston Public Schools
CodeHS - Learning Management System Seamlessly manages rosters, lessons, assignments, progress, and grades for any type of classroom. Start Coding at your High School! PD for teachers is offered as well.
Recommended by Julia Trigo
The Piper Computer Kit- This kit includes everything needed to introduce students to computer science, electronics, and coding. Build your own fully functional computer and explore STEAM through Piper's StoryMode using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, and PiperCode using Google's Blockly.
Reviewed and Recommended by Jenn Delacroix 
Girls Who Code-Free and flexible Girls Who Code Clubs curriculum and resources for 3-5th and 6-12th graders.
Reviewed and Recommend by Emily Ong 
CS is Elementary! - Computer Science (CS) education for every K-5 school and child. Now.

Reviewed and Recommended by Rhoda Tate, MMSA

OnShape Education Suite - available free of charge from PTC. It's a CAD design tool.  I have not used it - it's pretty popular though, and high school kids might find it cool (and teachers useful).  Here's a link of Jim Heppleman (CEO) talking about onshape:

Reviewed and Recommended by Joe Sanderson, Project>Login program and policy intern

SparkFun Education - STEAM Activities - Bringing maker education and computational thinking to the classroom.

Pluralsight - a skills/workforce development platform where you can see where you skills stand today, master the latest in software development, IT ops, AI, Machine Learning, Security, and more with over 7,000 courses, certification prep and hands- on labs. Try a Skill IQ for free today! 

Learning @ home with Minecraft - teacher resources for distance learning

Learn the language of the future: Computer Science! - Python for 8-18 Juni learning resource

Ozobot grants and CARES funding tool for schools looking to bring Ozobot devices and curriculum to their districts

STEM Gems - National Afterschool Association's STEM Activities.