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Meet Carli Carter, Software Engineering Team Lead at Tyler Technologies

Where and what did you study in college?

I studied Computer Science and Security & Cyber Defense at Thomas College

What do you do?

I am currently a Software Engineering Team Lead for Tyler Technologies in Falmouth, Maine

What do you love about it?

I love the people and the environment that I work in while having the opportunity to work and learn from professionals. Working at Tyler Technologies has given me the opportunity to expand and establish my own knowledge and understanding of software development. I am able to learn something new every day and challenge myself so that I may make a difference in the products that I work with.

Why do you do it here in Maine?

I have chosen to stay in Maine because I love the fresh air and being close to Acadia National Park. Maine has always been home and I'm lucky to have the opportunity to live and work here. Maine is continuously expanding and developing in technology and I'm excited to contribute to its success.

How did you get here?

I have always enjoyed technology and solving problems. During my time at Thomas College, I took full advantage of all the different learning activities that became available in order to develop skills that would help me in my future career. I gained professional experience from the guidance of my professors and administrators in multiple work positions that I held while at Thomas College. All these opportunities allowed me develop further and better pursue a career in technology.


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