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Meet Zachary Coulombe, Senior Programmer/Analyst for the Maine State Legislature

Where and what did you study in college?

I studied Software Development at Husson University.

What do you do?

I am a Senior Programmer/Analyst for the Maine State Legislature.

What do you love about it?

I have always loved solving problems, and learning new things. At the Maine State Legislature we are presented with problems which require not only technical skill, but communication skills to reach an appropriate solution for all of our users. The requirements of the position offer quite of variety of tasks which keep the work fresh, and interesting. In a day we could be discovering application requirements with users, building applications, or even researching and implementing new processes which benefit the legislature in new ways.

Why do you do it here in Maine?

Maine definitely is where my heart lies, but it is also surprisingly starting to become a hub of technology development. For this reason I decided to stay in Maine. I know that Maine can become a leader in technology and I want to be a part of it.

How did you get here?

As a small child, I was always interested in technology. I built my first computer with my step-father when I was young, and that desire eventually lead me to Kennebec Valley Community College to earn my Associates of Applied Science in Applied Electrical and Computer Technology. I loved computers, and I wanted to work in IT, but I knew that if I wanted to go further I needed a bachelors degree, so in the Fall of 2012 I enrolled in Husson University with a major in Computer Information Systems. After a few semesters I discovered programming and software development. I realized that software development offered me a way to solve problems at a deeper level than IT could, so I switched majors, and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Software Development.

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