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Community Request: seeking videographer or video game designer to speak at April 11th event

March 27, 2018

The E Project is a group of area businesses, non-profits and school personnel in the Rumford area who are working to increase the motivation, information base and aspirations of our students. We visit every 3-6th grade classrooms in two school districts to talk about career choices, goal setting and future planning. Then each student is invited to write an essay on what they would like to do in the future, where they might get the education for it and what classes they might take to meet their goal. From the submitted essays (usually over 400) we select students to receive a $100 college scholarship (if career choice is not one that required college student is welcome to use funds to otherwise reach their dream.)

The selected students are invited to an awards ceremony. At the ceremony we try to have someone from their chosen career to meet them, answer questions and act as a role model/mentor. This year the ceremony for the selected students is April 11, 6:00 at Mountain Valley High School.

Among the 55 recipients we have a student whose dream is to be a videographer and one video game designer. Is there anyone associated with these career fields who be willing to come to the ceremony to meet these student? It would be a wonderful experience for this student to meet you and hear about all you do!
Thank you for considering the request.

Barb Radmore
Program Director
Western Foothills Kids Association
c/o 58 Highland Terrace
Mexico ME 04257

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