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Django Girls Workshop in Portland, Maine

November 03, 2017 · One attendee's perspective, by Shabrille Brown


The workshop took place October 21, 2017 at Cashstar in Portland, Maine.

Django Girls helped me to determined if programming was the right fit. Going in I knew nothing about coding, programming, or software. Sitting down in a room with other women who had the same mindset as myself was quite amazing. We all came from different walks of life in hope that the Django Girls workshop would someday land us a job at an IT company. Throughout the day we were provided with a great deal of resources, tools, and support that helped us become better familiarized with technology. During the workshop I learned how to build my first web applications using Django, Python, CSS, and HTML. I never would've thought that coding would be so much fun. I am eager to look through more tutorials so I may continue adding to my web application. If Django Girls is in a city near you I highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to see if programming is something that you are interested in. Thank you Cashstar for bringing Django Girls to Maine!

     -Shabrille Brown

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