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Entire Middle School Participates in Day of Code

January 03, 2017

On December 21, 2016, Scarborough Middle School students participated in a Day of Code event. Organized by their Technology Teacher and the school's Technology Instructional Coach Holly Graffam, the day was full of teamwork, problem solving, and innovation. The students worked to identify a school or community problem that could be solved with a mobile app. Groups in each grade split off to create their team name, identify a problem, brainstorm ideas, develop one idea, design how the app would function, and build a prototype.

Project>Login staff and volunteers from, Tyler Technologies and Southern Maine Community College were there to assist the students.

Project>Login's Angela Oechslie was deployed to the sixth grade and worked with over 150 children as they worked on their solutions.

Some groups are very excited about presenting their Apps to be considered for the best at Scarborough Middle School and others will likely submit their Apps to the Blue Ox App Challenge.

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