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Last week to enroll in a free 4D CS professional development course

June 29, 2020 · teachers wanted!!

~NEW Computer Science Professional Learning Course~

When will this course run?

Dates: July 10th-Aug 7th online coursework with weekly synchronous sessions

10 FREE educator seats available

Upon completion receive:

If interested, email: Kim Quinn Hutchinson at

How is this unique?

Introduces a broad scope of Computer Science topics including:

Integrates both the CS content and the most impactful instructional strategies to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Flexible environment designed to meet the time and location constraints that educators face.

o   Interactive course: Harvard/MIT’s EdX platform- work both individually (asynchronously) and together (synchronously) as part of an ongoing cohort

o   Each module covers both essential content and relevant competencies (collaboration, ethics, and growth mindset), while including the best instructional strategies for computer science

o   Built-in assessments and dozens of opportunities to communicate directly with fellow learners and a mentor instructor, in a ratio of 10-15 students to 1 instructor. 

o   Online professional Learning community so that educators can share resources and support each other throughout their teaching careers

Course prepares teachers to teach the Grade 9 4D CS Explorations course created through a grant from the Harold Alfond Foundation

The  4D CS1 course allows educators to earn up to 12 badges co-branded by Thomas College and CCR, with support from the Harold Alfond Foundation.

* Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (Level 1)             

* Computer Programming/Block-Based (Level 1)

* Game Development (Level 1)                                     

* Internet Basics (Level 1)

* Artificial Intelligence (Level 1)                                     

* Online Safety/Cybersecurity (Level 1)
* Web Design (Level 1)                                                 

* App Development (Level 1)

* Cross-Curricular Instruction (Level 1)                           

* Collaboration (Level 1)
* Ethics (Level 1)                                                           

* Growth Mindset (Level 1)

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