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LinkedIn snapshot: Maine's network of Computing and IT professionals

January 23, 2015

Here is an update on the computing and IT profession in Maine, based on those who have registered with LinkedIn.

As of January 23, 6,962 LinkedIn members were classified as working in "Information Technology functions" in Maine. Although this is only half of the approximately 11,000 people in these occupations identified by the Department of Labor and the DOL careers and LinkedIn functions are not aligned this is, nevertheless, an interesting snapshot to explore.

On LinkedIn, "information technology" is a broad category that includes many related roles. Here is a current sample of Maine job descriptions in that function. Other searches, such as software and system analyst yield more targeted listings.

Although some of this aggregate data is only available with a Recruiter membership, a public dashboard is available showing alumni from every Maine university and college who are currently working in information technology functions, including these Project>Login sponsors:

You can drill down into other functions, locations, specific companies, and skills and other colleges through that interface.

Here are lists of members in the Information Technology function organized in a variety of ways, by: current company, industry, years of experience, seniority, education, degree, fields of study, years in current position, years at current company, company type, and company size.



Company type

Company size

Current company

Years at current company

Years in current position

Years of experience




Field of study

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