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#TeacherCon Sunday Night by Jeff Bailey

July 31, 2017 · Jeff Bailey, Mountain Valley High School

#TeacherCon Day 1:

Today was the registration and kick off event for TeacherCon and though we haven’t started training yet, I can tell this week will be filled with excitement, celebration and appreciation for the work teachers are doing on behalf of our students.

It is clear the fine folks at (and the many sponsors and partners who help make TeacherCon possible) love teachers.  It is nice to be at a conference where you are treated as a professional.  Whether it be a nice meal that didn’t come from a pizza box, or a gift bag from national and state sponsors, it is clear that knows that teachers are the most important part of advancing computer science education.  And it’s also clear that our efforts are working, as in RIGHT NOW.

Alice Steinglass, President of, showed the clear impact educators are having on the future of Computer Science. As a direct result of and other programs like it, the number of young women and underrepresented minorities who took the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course and exam increased by over 100%! That is a serious push in the fight for equality in Computer Science programs and I’m excited to be a part of it.

The vibe here is friendly and supportive. Even if you are new to computer science, it’s clear that this group of teachers and facilitators are going to help you succeed.  I look forward to making more connections with other educators tomorrow.

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