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Tech Night Program and session descriptions released!!

March 14, 2023

This year's workshops will include: Physics in Minecraft, Scratch, Get Cyber Fit!, Programming with Micro:bits, and more. This event is for middle school students and runs from 4:30 pm-7 pm with a pizza dinner served at 6 pm. Please bring your own tablet, iPad or laptop to this event. If you do not have access to a laptop, email Shelby Bryant (

Thank you to our volunteers and presenters from MMSA, Maine State Library, Fields Pond Audubon Center, University of Southern Maine and The Haystack Fab Lab.


Physics in Minecraft

Presenter: Kendra Hansen (University of Southern Maine)

Room: Baseball Diamond Room

Come explore Minecraft worlds that simulate real astrophysical phenomena. Have you ever wondered what gravity is like on Mars? Or what if the Earth had no moon? Or two moons?

Maine Data Detectives

Presenter: Chris Dorman (Maine State Library)

Room: Snack Room

Using data collected specifically for this workshop, students will gain an understanding of what data is and how to think critically about data and its implications on the world around us.

Unleash Your Creativity with 3D Modeling and Printing

Presenter: James Rutter (Haystack)

Room: Maine Gallery 1st Floor

Join us in exploring the exciting world of 3D modeling and printing! Using the user-friendly program, TinkerCAD, you will learn how to bring your imagination to life and make (almost) anything you can dream up. Participants will also discover various technologies from Haystack's Fab Lab that will expand their creativity and show them new ways to make their ideas a reality.

Get ready for a hands-on and interactive experience!

Motus Wildlife Tracking

Presenter: Melissa Gallagher & David Lamon (Fields Pond Audubon Center)

Room: Room B

The Motus Wildlife Tracking System (Motus) is an international collaborative research network that uses coordinated automated radio telemetry to track birds and butterflies. Learn more about how this technology works in the wild.

3D Coloring with Quiver

Presenter: Lindsay Ouellette (Project>Login volunteer)

Room: Restaurant area on 2nd Floor

Quiver, the 3D Coloring App uses Augmented Reality to bring coloring pages “to life.” Come relax with some coloring and watch Quiver’s 3D AR animate your image!

Hololens Project

Presenter: Michael Wilczek (Roux Institute at Northeastern)

Room: World Map area 2nd floor

Inspiring students to explore life science careers by providing an Augmented Reality experience using Microsoft Hololens.

Fun with Micro:bits

Presenter: Ian Collins (MMSA)

Room: Room A.

In this session, participants will be provided with an overview of the micro:bit hardware with a specific focus on the sensors. Participants will also walk through the MakeCode space used to program the micro:bits and be able to use the online micro:bit simulator.

Dot Dash & Cue Robots

Presenter: Project>Login Volunteer

Room: Lobby

Come explore Dot, Dash & Cue robots and try programming the blaster accessories. Test your skills and launch the blasters!

Get Cyber Fit!

Presenter: Amanda Shute

Room: Lobby

Parents and participants can stop by for a free book and information about Cyber Security and chat with the Founder of Get Cyber Fit.

At the Maine Science Festival, our quest is to help you understand the importance of science to our lives and discover what we know: Maine scientists and engineers are among the best in the country and the world, and science is everywhere.

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