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Meet Abby Grindle, Web Developer at Links Web Design

Where and what did you study in college?

I studied Marketing for the majority of my degree, til I withdrew. I took a semester of Web Development at St. Phillips College and loved it, and Project>Login helped me build my skills to make it a career.

What do you do?

I am a Web Developer at Links Web Design

What do you love about it?

The challenges, nothing brings me more joy than being able to overcome tough obstacles and grow my skills.

Why do you do it here in Maine?

Maine's small communities and beautiful scenery make work life balance feel easy and organic.

How did you get here?

Project>Login was the direct reason I was connected with my internship! After moving back from Texas I had no idea where to start, Project>Login connected me with an on-the-job training opportunity at Links Web Design,  and it's been a fantastic experience ever since. I learn something new every day, and each day I feel more pride in my day than the last. Because I was connected to a job that I love, I've settled down into the area and I feel like like I've got good roots to grow future success too!


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