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Review of CS Discoveries week-long summer institute

August 17, 2021 · blog article by Clarissa Howard

Anyone who is interested in or planning to introduce Computer Science into their school should really take the Professional Learning Program - CS Discoveries.  This workshop has empowered me so much going into the new school.  Although we moved through material quickly (hands-on work), it was so that we as instructors had an opportunity to experience as much as possible of the Units that are covered in the program and more importantly to gain the perspective of the learner.

What I enjoyed the most throughout the workshop was when the presenters were able to share their classroom experiences and provided tips and tricks for resolutions.  They also highlighted all the new resources (rubrics, feedback, and Calendar options) available in the teacher platform that has been recently added by so that planning and pacing the course is easier to do.

Especially important for me is that the support doesn’t stop at the end of the week.

Knowing that as I begin CS Discoveries with grades 6-8, I have the support and access of, the instructors, and cohort members throughout the year that will enable me to reach out if need be for more help while I am in the trenches of teaching (I am not alone).

By implementing CS Discoveries at my school, I hope to promote CS as an essential learning tool to help learners develop skills that can transfer to other classes but most importantly to everyday life.  I feel very confident after this workshop that my students will gain a better understanding and enjoyment of CS as we progress through the year.

~Clarissa Howard, Whitefield School
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