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Our Professional Learning Program from a teacher's point of view

August 16, 2021 · blog post by Christopher Brennick

Completing the week-long Computer Science Discoveries Professional Learning Program through Project Login was both informative and rewarding. This professional development opportunity helped me build both a robust skill set for Computer Science Discoveries and a wonderful network of teachers who I can reach out to with questions or concerns regarding the program. 

One of the major highlights of this experience was the comprehensive nature of it. Throughout the week I was able to take on different roles within the Computer Science Discoveries curriculum. Experiencing these different roles gave me the greatest teaching tool, perspective. I understand not only the immense amount of tools offers teachers, but also the student facing side of the course. This training focused not just on the tools in the site, but also core teaching tools such as assessment, classroom culture, and cooperative grouping.

The other key component that made this week so rewarding was the people. People make experiences worth wild. The other teachers taking part in this training were willing to take risks to help others in the group grow, were clearly committed to their craft and their students, and  were truly collaborative. The leadership of Sean Wasson, Karen Locke, and Joanna Marcotte as facilitators throughout the week was excellent. All three were incredibly well versed in the program they were teaching, responsive to the needs of the cohort, and practical in their approach. Their eagerness to share, engage with, and help everyone in the group find success was amazing. 

This training gave me the toolbox I need to teach Computer Science Discoveries. I can now access the resources and experience I need. 

Christopher Brennick
Alt Ed Teacher 
Mountain Valley High School
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