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What is Cube?

September 30, 2014

Years ago I was able to observe an island in the Bahamas called Black Point and noticed a real lack of technology in place in their school system. After attending a local Hacker Club meeting, I saw some of the members using a small (roughly the size of a deck of cards) device called a Raspberry Pi which immediately sparked my curiosity when I realized it was actually a computer! After that meeting the idea for CUBE was born: what if I could design a computer that would be small enough to outfit  a computer lab from a suitcase and fly to areas in need if technology to implement them? I organized a local team of friends who not only share a passion for philanthropy but for technology.  We have reached out to several schools worldwide and are gearing up to set up new computer labs for the schools this year. We are also connecting those schools abroad with schools right here in the US! 

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