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CCWI Seeks RFQ and RFP for TechHire Project Implementation

October 04, 2016

Coastal Counties Workforce, Inc has announced an RFP and RFQ for the TechHire Maine Project Implementation. For details and links for the full documents, please click the titles below:

Request for Qualifications for TechHire Information Technology Career Coach-
CCWI seeks the services of a career coach contractor to develop and deliver an Information Technology Career Coaching service package which will guide job seekers to the correct training they will need to secure 21st century jobs in Maine. It is the responsibility of the Career Coach contractor to assess possible candidates for aptitude to determine the likelihood that they will be able to successfully complete the boot camp model in the given timeframe. Contractor must also be familiar with a variety of training options beyond the IT Boot Camp, including online course offerings through vendors such as Plural Sight, approved IT trainers on Maine’s ETPL list, and traditional associate and bachelor degree options through our higher education partners. The IT Career Coach will counsel candidates to steer them into a training track that best meets their learning style, career goal, and financial situation.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for TechHire Boot Camp

CCWI seeks the services of a training provider to develop and deliver an Information Technology Essentials Boot Camp which will give job seekers the key IT skills sought by Maine employers for 21st century jobs.  Services should include:

Outreach:  Assist in the development and deployment of an outreach plan for the Boot Camp programs.  Work will entail marketing and advertising the program to targeted jobseekers across the state’s three Local Workforce Boards.

Screening of Candidates: The training provider will be required to develop or identify a screening mechanism that will ensure selected trainees have sufficient aptitude to successfully complete the program.  Other grant partners will be involved to assist in the administering of the screening tool.

Curriculum Development: Curriculum should be responsive to the needs and feedback of Maine employer partners and adaptable as technology advances. (See full RFP).  A component of the curriculum should also provide for “soft skills” training, including customer service and analytical thinking.

Training Delivery: Bidder must clearly outline an accelerated 12-16 week intensive training that will be delivered in the three aforementioned hubs across Maine.

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